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Song for the Chinese People
The year was 1949, history turned a page
China's brand new flag was solid red
A specter spawned in Europe boldly stepped up on the stage
While some folks cheered the rest were filled with dread.

Plum Blossoms in the Snow
The plum tree's delicate and small, ignored when all is green
Humble in the heat of summer sun
But in the barren cold its flowers burst upon the scene
Proclaiming a new season has begun

Beijing Lullaby
Look at you, my precious little son
How sweetly you sit there at play
You're too young to know why I'm crying
The police took your daddy away.

Hulia of the Mountains
In the mountains of Peru there is a place well known
As the Lost City of the Incas, built out of solid stone,
Here the native woman Hulia lived and raised four sons,
Cultivating barren land, her work was never done

Truth Shines Through

Then she goes to Tiananmen Square holds her banner in the air
Majestic, like a timeless work of art
The policemen circle round but she calmly stands her ground
And cries out from the bottom of her heart...

Set Them Free

I'd like to paint a picture in this song
About what it's like in China if you practice Falun Gong
Or if you are a Christian or you're for democracy
They'll put you in a prison cell and throw away the key

Falun Dafa Day

There's a day that we all hold dear
Springtime finds us every year
Looking forward to the 13th of May
It's Falun Dafa Day

Feels Like 1936 Again

The Olympic Spirit hangs its head in shame
When police states are allowed to host the games
Like Germany when Hitler reigned supreme
Seeking glory for his murderous regime

In Prison

Defending Dafa with our lives
We will never yield
Steadfast till the good prevails
And the bright world is revealed

Justice Will Prevail

If you're traveling to China there's some places you won't see
They operate outside the laws of civilized society
They got names like Masanjia, Chaoyang and Longshan
The CCP's forced labor camps are a blight upon the land

Dear Mother
If you renounced your faith they'd set you free,
But Mother you would take a righteous stance
And say that you'll believe eternally
In Truth, Compassion and Forbearance

De-Du (Be Saved)

We have fallen to this maze
Helpless, lost can't find the way
Searching thousands of years
One day Master reappears

The Bright Road

Climbing up Mt. History through the clouds and rain
Seems like ages that I've had to roam
Push ahead then trip and fall then get back up again
Looking for the way that leads back home

Where Is The Heart That Beat So True

There was light in the darkness and so Jiang's cabal
Found a final solution to get rid of them all
He launched the red terror on a hot summer night
My wife was arrested and she dropped out of sight

Playing In The Clouds

Their journey home's not easy to explain
Darkness fills the air once again
Late one night this Mother and babe
Their lives and dreams were taken away

Leaving For Tiananmen

Mama, you raised me to speak the truth
And think of others in all that I do
When you see the plum blossoms announcing Spring
Mama, I hope you will be proud of me

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